Kerava Library at International Week

The international week of autumn 2011 was held last week in Laurea Kerava. This year the theme was How to serve future customers.  The week was lively, full of events, fun and informative. The presentations were also actively commented on, as can be read in the event’s blog Laurea Kerava International Week2011.

Of course we wanted to participate; the theme of serving future customers is a hot topic for the library too.  We decided to set up a stand and find out what our customers wanted in an international space in the library premises. We have a vision of a space for all, but especially benefitting students planning to go on exchange, students here on exchange and our international degree students.

However, our visions of the space don’t necessarily coincide with those of our customers. Therefore we had an excellent opportunity during the international week to directly ask for ideas, have short discussions resulting in ideas for our dubious fellow. The ideas ranged from concrete things like a couch and coffee to means of interaction like theme evenings and a skype kiosk.

The next phase in the planning process is to use the ideas as a basis for brainstorming and visualization with various focus groups including staff. We are learning to co-create with our users and believe without a doubt that the result of the process is an international space benefitting all.

Unfortunately the space lacks a name at the moment; fortunately we got many imaginative suggestions during the week. And soon the best ones will be on view at the library, and everyone can vote for their favorite so that the most catching one is chosen.

Students have travelled all around the world as you can see on the map and they have a lot experiences to share.

Kaisa and Anna from Kerava Library

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