First impressions working in a Finnish library of University of Applied Sciences

I’m Dimitra Panopoulou and I am the new member of the Laurea Kerava Library team. I started working as an international trainee in Kerava on the 20th of August.Just in time to get familiar with the collection and the facilities before the academic year started. My colleague Kaisa has helped me a lot and has been patient to my questions in the first weeks. She has given me a lot of freedom and many responsibilities.  This makes working here even more exciting.

Kuva: Kaija Penttilä

Even though it has been very busy with the new students and the courses starting, the atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful. The library visitors have reacted positively on my presence and they don’t seem to bother that I don’t speak Finnish yet. In contrary, some even say they’re happy they have to practice their English. In addition, with the non-Finnish students we exchange experiences of moving here and learning the language.

My journey started in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I studied Library Science and Information Systems in a university. Already in the very beginning of my studies it was clear for me I wanted to have international experiences. So I attended a summer-school in Stuttgart. This continued when I took part in international conferences in Parma and Amsterdam. The conferences were followed by Erasmus studies and my internship in the north of The Netherland. And last spring I found myself on a plane to Finland. I have gained so much with my international and intercultural experience and I can’t wait to contribute to the Laurea family.

Dimitra Panopoulou


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