Luukku 7. In search of Christmas spirit in Kerava

Early in the morning Pingy found its way to the Lahti railwaystation and jumped into a train called ”Z”.  A voice from inside told Pingy to jump off at the Kerava station. On the station Pingy saw some young people and decided to follow them. No longer than 5 minutes, and the young penguin found itself in a familiar environment: Laurea Library!

In the library information specialists who were delighted to see Pingy, told the latest news of Laurea Library Kerava. Since Kerava International Week was held a couple of weeks ago, many students have been talking about the International Home Base, a space to relax in the library. All the material on different cultures and travelling books made also Pingy eager to try find something there. The atmosphere is very international – maybe the real Christmas spirit could be found from here!

Pingy was very excited to find a book about Polar tourism and spent hours reading in the comfortable armchairs. Finding the Pingo Canadian
Landmark in a northern national park was overwhelming.  Piles of books about countries around the globe could have helped in finding the Christmas spirit, but Pingy soon got intimidated by the thought of warm weather.

Pingy didn’t forget to put a blue pin on Antarctica and leave a mark on the map while sharing travelling experiences with some of the students.

Pingy’s craft

Pingy noticed library had some old books here that no one wanted and gave us, librarians, a nice idea.

“Why not make Christmas trees for the holiday spirit?” Pingy said. Well, Pingy doesn’t speak Finnish, English or Greek…so we tried to communicate with body language and screams.

Christmas tree made from an old book

We start by removing the cover of the book. Be careful, because we need the glue on the spine of the book. Count 30 pages, and with a sharp knife cut them off the rest of the sheets, carefully keeping the glue on the spine.

Start folding the pages as in the pictures below. It will take a while. Pingy could not do this step, since penguins have no thumbs. And given that I don’t speak penguin language we ended up having a small argument. Eventually, we defeated the language barrier and I understood the instructions.

When you finish folding the 30 pages, you will realize you have half a tree. So grab 30 more pages and do the same. Congratulations, now you have all the parts for a tree.

In order to glue the two pieces together, I used duct tape. For some reason Pingy started screaming and tried to pinch my arms…I think Pingy had a misunderstanding and instead of duck tape its suggestion was to use hot glue, but duct tape is what we had in the library.

Cut a paper star and stick it on the top of the tree, because without it no one will know it is supposed to be a tree.


Finally, voilà! Now you have a Christmas tree made of recycled old book. Try using books in different sizes. It is a great decoration for libraries and bookworms!

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