KirjastoMOVE 2013

It has been 9 months since I moved in Finland and I have learnt new habits. This winter I have experienced the most snow of my life. So, I learnt to adjust my daily wardrobe to kalsarit and pullovers. I even caught myself saying “it’s not that cold today, only -5”. But, I’ve behaved like a bear, collecting food and staying indoors.

The KirjastoMove campaign news was a real blessing. Just in time to get fit for summer.

Since I’m unable to convince myself to follow an exercise plan, I decided to join the Laurea-kirjasto team. This spring I’m determined to stay focused!


Laurea Library’s participation on KirjastoMOVE 2012 was successful (click here and here to see what happened last year).

This time the excitement is bigger! The campaign is 1.2.-31-5.2013 and the fitness team of Laurea Libraries grew in size. This year the team consists of 12 members compared to 7 last year. Some of the new members haven’t used HeiaHeia before, just like me. But that doesn’t mean we leave any day go by in vain. From day one we started working out and saving our progress in the training log form.

The HeiaHeia website is a colourful environment and fun to store our training logs. As every sports team, we also have to take care of each other. We remember to motivate and encourage each other by sending “cheers”.

It’s interesting to notice each other’s routines and the variety of exercises: Body Pump, gym work out, cross country skiing, treadmill and the endless snow shovelling. So far it seems we all like walking, as it is the most documented activity within our group! The more dedicated try to inspire the rest of us. Maybe by the end of KirjastoMove 2013 we will be convinced to try our chances in Yoga or Zumba.

Yoga or Zumba

We are determined to reach our fitness goals by the end of May, or at least keep trying! Motivation is the key, and that is what we’ll do!! The “Eye of the tiger” (and this pretty face) or the “Final countdown” can boost the enthusiasm. Dance songs can help keep a nice rhythm throughout the workout. Personally I enjoy watching FRIENDS while trying to destroy cellulite.

The next step we need to take is to organize a campaign that will help us eat healthier.

Maybe this can be the start of it?


Pictures taken from

Dimitra P.


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