Crafting the Spring

We have been updating our collection recently, and have found ourselves with piles of books for recycling. But what could be a better way to recycle than to turn old books into useful or decorative creations?

And so, a crafting event in the Kerava library was born. It was designed in collaboration with Tarja Rinne, tourism lecturer. We wanted to have the event close Easter and welcome spring. The aim of the event was to offer escapism from everyday routines and to excite the imagination.


We created step-by-step instructions with pictures for each project and collected crafting supplies. Some of the attendants helped by sharing their supplies with the group. Piled books were waiting to be transformed! Pictures of various book -based decorating ideas were also printed to offer extra inspiration. On the tables there were colourful models and other decorations which helped everyone get enthusiastic.

The projects that were selected for the event were:

–          Easter greeting cards
–          bird
–          origami flower
–          origami heart bookmark
–          origami lucky star
–          paper roll owls
–          roses


Even though the event didn’t have as many attendants as we hoped for, it was successful. Everyone had a great time. There were only smiling faces and laughter throughout the event. We were all helping each other and discussing about the difficulty of being artistic. Sharing ideas resulted into new exciting ways to use old books. At the end of the event we were all very proud of our creations!


Dimitra P.

3 thoughts on “Crafting the Spring

  1. Love your owls!! Do you think you could publish the instructions on how to make these (and other projects) here? Would love to try them out!

  2. Here are links to blogs with well explained instructions for the projects I had prepared for the event!

    origami flower:

    heart bookmark:
    -> glue scrapbook paper to the one side of the book page and start folding, it will look very nice


    lucky star:

    -> cover the roll with the book page and stick eyes and wings


  3. I love those flowers. I have made flowers too but they are not that pretty. I have to try to do that kind of too someday 😉


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