Indian themed staff get-together at Kerava Library

On Wednesday 10.4 we were very happy to welcome the staff of Kerava unit for our Indian themed afternoon.

IT lecturer, Arvind and his wife Mini Sharma gave a presentation of the Indian wedding traditions, while showing pictures from their own wedding days at the same time. Yes “days”, it is in plural for a reason! Did you know the wedding ceremonies last for three days? Everything is being planned for months. And when the time comes, the bride and groom are treated like Queen and King!


The library was decorated with flowers, which is an important element in the Indian wedding,  and spices to add a touch of India. We also prepared a buffet with fresh fruits, the grapes were actually imported from India. A real Indian taste was the pulav Mini cooked for all of us. It is a dish with rice, vegetables and yogurt. A nice combination of spices and yogurt freshness satisfied every pallet!

We all had a great time. It was very interesting to learn about traditions in India and more about this colourful, marvelous country. The attendants could test their language skills when trying to translate Hindi at the word game we prepared. The Goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science helped with this demanding task.


In one of the library’s cookbooks we found a recipe for spiced tea and suggested everyone to try it at home. You’ll really like its warm and sweet flavor!

Suvilehto, P (2006). Teehetki. Helsinki: Minerva Kustannus Oy66

Dimitra P.


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