Internationalization in the library

Last Wednesday (6.11.2013) we organized an international event in the Laurea Kerava library as a part of Kerava International Week 2013. The event took place from 2 pm to 4 pm with interesting activities for the guests as well as food and beverages. About 50 guests attended.  Photo-booth

We had a presentation about an exchange experience to Ismir, Turkey.  Also written stories about students’ experiences in various countries were on display.  There were entertaining activities like Origami teaching, a language and dancing game. The visitors could have their name written in Japanese, Greek and Bengali alphabets and they could take funny pictures with friends in a photo booth. There was a nice atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. Especially the decoration and activities were commented positively.


From our point of view, it was a great experience to organize the event with the library.  We had creative team members and a high team spirit to make the event successful.  The preparations took 1,5 months to plan the program, decoration, create posters and to get everything ready for the event day.  We had face-to-face meetings and used our own wikipage for discussions and uploading necessary files. The wiki was an easy and efficient way to cooperate.  collage

Our aim was to make the guests feel comfortable and enjoy the event as well as to promote internationality. The positive comments during the evening were motivating  and assured us that we delivered a successful event.

Greetings from the event’s organizational team
Janni-Julia, Reiko, Tina (students) and Dimitra (library assistant)



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